Kadú NY Dennis H'Avila

Kadú the ability "to think and act with intelligence ".

In our crazy competitive world, taking care of your body and mind with workouts, healthy nourishments and spa treatments is no longer a luxury, but a necessity & a way of life.

Please keep in mind that all treatments I provide are meant to jump-start an ongoing program aimed at improving health and appearance. Just as you wouldn’t stop a workout program after one visit, spa services too, should become part of your regular routine.

If you at least include skin treatments every 3 months with the changing of the seasons you can help your skin to be conditioned to the next transition for a more healthy & radiant looking skin.

Massage will also help your body transition with change of weather & also help in your daily activities improving vasodilation that helps with circulation, muscle fatigue & range of motion.

The real miracle of change comes with consistency to think and act with intelligence.